New bands make debut

By: Jayne Cole, Staff Writer
April 26, 2012


With posters advertising “good tacos and good music,” 2Tall4U has been taking the Decorah area by storm, becoming best known for their performances at Club Pyramid on “Taco Tuesdays” from 6 to 9 p.m.

Kurt Bearinger (‘13) and Jake Doty (‘13), the members of 2Tall4U, first hit the music scene with their performance at T-Bock’s open mic night on February 26. Now local sensations, the two have booked performances all around the area.

It didn’t take Bearinger and Doty, who live across the hall from each other in Dieseth, long to discover their similar taste in music. After hearing each other play guitar, they decided to get together early this semester and start a band.

Their unique band name is in reference to their height.

“Most people don’t expect two 6’7” guys to play guitar,” Doty said.

The acoustic group also got local media attention after being featured on Artist Direct on KDEC in early March, where their name was released for the first time.

“We thought it sounded kind of catchy,” Doty said.

The two occasionally find difficulties balancing school and the band.

“Sometimes it is hard to try to find time to get posters and learn new music,” Doty said. “You can’t give up school to play.”

“Unless, of course, this goes big,” Bearinger added.

For now, the two have enjoyed the move from dorm room to live audience.

“People like live music and it’s a blast to play with someone,” Doty said.

“We feed off each other’s energy,” Bearinger added.

The duo plays country, folk and rock songs in their performances. Often they split the show so each member has a solo segment.

Declaring themselves 90s fans, the two said that their rendition of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” is a crowd favorite.

“Everyone loves it,” Bearinger said.

Some originals are also in the works. Bearinger currently has written five songs on his own, but three more are in the works. The group hopes to eventually write 10 to 12 original pieces.

“Hopefully we will have a fully recorded album out next year,” Bearinger said.

“The lady in Subway already asked us for a CD,” Doty added.

The group hopes to keep their music local during their senior year and continue playing around the Decorah area. Sites this year have been in Oelwein and Calmar, Iowa, Club Pyramid, T-Bock’s and the ArtHaus in Decorah.

“It would be nice to keep playing at a lot of venues. That’s what is in our sights,” Doty said. “Who knows where it goes from there.”

2Tall4U will next perform in Decorah at Club Pyramid on May 1 and at Toppling Goliath Brewing Company on May 19.

For more information, be sure to like 2Tall4U on Facebook.

Mostly Ghosts

2Tall4U isn’t the only new band on campus. Mostly Ghosts has also hit the Decorah scene this fall after being inspired by another Luther-based band, General B and the Wiz.

“We’re all good friends and this summer Kyle and I would jam with them, but we were also pining to have our own band as well. The group sort of came from that,” Mostly Ghosts member Logan Langley (‘13) said.

Mostly Ghosts consists of Langley on guitar and banjo, Kyle Holder (‘12) on drums, Ted Olson (‘14) playing the bass and Charlie Parrish (‘13) on guitar and vocals.

“We mesh well, it’s been a lot of fun,” Langley said.

Their music leans towards the folk side, with twinges of rock and songs that are more lyrical, to create a unique sound that favors harmonies. The band writes their own music and also mixes in some covers. Because most of the members have played in other groups, they also customize old songs as their own.

With the group’s busy schedules, their only difficulty is finding time to practice.

“We all have hectic schedules, but when we find time to play it sounds good,” Langley said. “We enjoy playing together.”

The group has performed a few times throughout the year, including a show with General B and the Wiz at Wild Tymes in the St. Paul on February 4. The group hopes to have a show at Toppling Goliath soon.

Holder plans to move to the Twin Cities after graduation. However, the group plans to maintain a busy schedule performing in the Decorah area this summer, and continuing to play and make music whenever possible.

“Whatever lands in our laps,” Langley said.