The magic of musical experiences

By: Drew Mick, Social Media Director
Thursday, April 18th 2013

As I find myself in the last couple of months of my senior year of college, I have taken some time to reflect on it. I have come to one important conclusion: Even though I am not a music major or minor myself, singing in choir has been one of the most memorable and blessed parts of it.

I remember when I was searching for colleges, and I honestly had my heart set on moving down the street and going to Wartburg. What changed my mind you may ask? Well, I had the opportunity to come to Christmas at Luther and hear all of the musical talent present. I remember specifically that when I heard Tim Peter direct the Norsemen choir, I thought to myself “Wow… I have to be a part of this.” It quite literally made me speechless.

So I came to Luther College, made it into choir, and it has been more than worth it. It has been in choir that I have met some of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I have lent my voice to a mass of such wonderful sounds and arrangements. I am proud to say I was a part of undoubtedly epic arrangements, including both John Rutter’s and Randol Alan Bass’ “Gloria,” “Hope for Resolution,” and “Arise, Your Light Has Come.” Additionally, songs like “Didn’t my Lord Deliver Daniel,” Wexford Carol, and this years “Sure on this Shining Night” will forever me engraved on my heart as just a few of the beautiful masterpieces that brought from me both smiles and tears.

In my four years of choir I have witnessed what can only be described as the end of an era as well as the dawn of a new one. As the talented Dr. Craig Arnold left after my freshman year, Dr. Allen Hightower took over conducting Nordic Choir, bringing his knowledge and experience to the Luther Choral Program.

Moving on, I remember – clear as day – the shock I felt when Dr. Tim Peter announced that he would be leaving Luther College. I will admit that some tears were spilled after that sudden announcement, as I’m sure many others did. I thought to myself that this man had been one of the main reasons for my choice of Luther College. How could my final year ever live up to Tim Peter’s legacy? Enter Dr. Andrew Last. What doubts I ever possessed about singing in Collegiate Choir quickly dissipated, as Dr. Last took over with such talent and gusto that continued that honored tradition of “the choir of love.”

With Dr. Sandra Peter leaving after this year, I am blessed to have sung under her in Cathedral Choir, and I am glad that my younger sister was able to witness – for even one year – the joy and friendship that she inspires.

I feel incredibly blessed to have sung under each of these directors in at least some small way, and I am confident in the future of the Luther Choral Program. Additionally, I am confident that Dr. Jennaya Robison will continue this tradition while bringing her own unique experiences to the table as she takes over the mantle of the director of Aurora and Cathedral.

My time singing at Luther can only be described as magical. And so I say this to all the singers here on campus, whether they are junior, sophomore, freshman, or future student: cherish it. These four years singing at Luther have truly been a blessing. In all likelihood I will never again find myself surrounded by such talented individuals, lending my voice to the whole of a beautiful song. But I know that I will look back at it all and smile. And I know you will too.