Album Review: Tinasch "Amethyst"

I was in the midst of a regular, mindless scroll through my Facebook news feed when I first laid eyes on the photo of Tinashe sporting a Luther College sweatshirt. An alum had thrown up the image as her new cover photo, gushing over the coincidence. My gut reaction was that this photo must have been photoshopped, but a link to a Decorah News article from 2011 popped up in a comment which illuminated that Tinashe’s grandparents live in Decorah. A simple search of Tinashe’s name on Google images led me back to the photo, leading me to wonder if the recent enrollment headaches at the college could be solved by simply promoting a clothing line of low-cut Luther sweatshirts.


Ultimate Frisbee teams use Spring Break to grow

Luther’s frisbee teams have returned from their Spring Break tournaments ready to dive into the main part of their season as they prepare for upcoming conference playoffs.
This year, Luther Ultimate Flying Disc Association (LUFDA) traveled to the Centex Invite in Austin, Texas, while B-team Pound and women’s team Freya took to the East Coast to play at Riptide in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
LUFDA entered the weekend ranked as the tenth seed, but finished 12th out of 20 teams. According to Captain Sam Berglund (‘16), it was a great building block for the team.


Student teachers reflect on practical experiences

By: Samantha Phillips, Staff Writer
April 2, 2015

Baker Commons was abuzz with talk of instructional strategies and classroom management techniques when the education department called senior student teachers back to campus for their annual spring retreat on Thursday, March 26.

College introduces squirrel studies major

By: Ron Swanson, Staff Libertarian
April 2, 2015

Luther academics are about to get fuzzy.

Following a series of new programs the college has adopted over the past several semesters including the Nordic studies major and journalism and art history minors, the college will offer classes in squirrel studies starting Fall 2015.

Seniors unite in protest against student loans

By: Ben Warner, Staff Groupie
April 2, 2015

For many seniors, graduation is more than just a culmination of four years of academic, extracurricular, and social pursuits; for some students, the end of four years at school means the start of many years dedicated to paying back student loans. According to one Luther student, however, this fate is easily avoided.

Overflow of sweat causes evacuation at Roscoe's bar

By: Glen "The Gland" Glenson, Staff Perspirer
April 2, 2015

Panic ensued at local bar Roscoe’s on Saturday, March 28 when students thought they felt the fire sprinklers go off, and the building was immediately evacuated. That panic quickly turned to embarrassment, however, when the crowd realized that no sprinklers had gone off, and they were simply soaked in sweat.

Alum expresses gratitude for recent Messiah performance

By: Brita Moore,
April 2, 2015

To all who played and sang in the Messiah last weekend,

Considering the influence of Security across campus

By: Cameron Meyferth, Copy Editor
April 2, 2015

In addition to my duties as a copy editor here at Chips, I also have a student work study position at Marty’s. Humor me as I present a hypothetical situation, and then think about how it relates to an article found in last week’s issue of Chips.

Senate advocates for winter salt alternative

By: Aaron Busch,
April 2, 2015

The Campus Betterment Committee is facilitating new ways to make Luther College a better environment for the college and community as a whole. Through awareness and physical changes, the committee strives to improve upon the values that the college strives to adhere to, as well as provide for the betterment of student facilities and its physical environment.

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