Recital honors composition students

Luther’s composition students presented a semester’s worth of compositions at their final Composition Recital on Monday, May 11. The recital featured the pieces of select students enrolled in Music 338: Composition this semester. Luther composition students, with the guidance of Associate Professor of Music and Composer-In-Residence Brooke Joyce, explored new composition techniques this year and expanded their individual creativity, according to Joyce.
“This recital does not fulfill any particular degree requirement; it is simply a venue for students to share their work publicly,” Joyce said.
According to Joyce, the number of students interested in music composition at Luther has increased over the past year. This increase presented challenges to the department regarding scheduling, but the department has remained flexible, according to Joyce.


Students donate surplus Dining Dollars

As the year comes to a close, students may be finding themselves with a large surplus of Dining Dollars, or even just a few cents left. Instead of letting them go unused or toward junk food, Launching Luther Leaders (L3) member Blaise Schaeffer (‘16) is offering an alternative.
For his Change Project, Schaeffer has constructed a program called Dining Dollars for Decorah, through which a donation of any amount of students’ Dining Dollars can be given toward purchasing food for the local food pantry. Students can participate by going to the Dining Services office from May 13-19 and filling out a short form.
“The people I talked to said it shouldn’t be too hard to get rolling,” Schaeffer said. “Even if we had each student donate a dollar, that’s about $2,500, and that would go really far at the food pantry.”


Movements of Silence: A Don't Shoot Series Reflection

By: Cody Arndtson,
May 19, 2015

Dear Street Harasser

By: Laura Proescholdt, Staff Writer
May 14, 2015

On Friday night I was walking to Whippy Dip with my friends. I wanted ice cream, maybe a hot fudge sundae or something with sprinkles. You and your friends drove past, pouring out of the windows of a white 12-passenger van. You opened a door and yelled, “Nice legs!”

You asked me, “What time do they open?”

Your friends laughed. You laughed.

What’s in a name?

By: Editorial,
May 14, 2015

Readers and staffers alike often ask about the name of our publication. Explaining one’s work with Chips on resumes and in conversation with extended family almost always includes disclaimers such “the student newspaper” or an equally illuminating description.

Faults found with Paideia class, lectures

By: LuAnna Gerdermann, Columnist
May 14, 2015

Hello, yes, here I am again with my social activism, but some of you may enjoy this because it’s about the class we all know and love: Paideia.

#NorseAwareness does not stop now

By: Jack Hubbard and Sarah Sturm,
May 14, 2015

When our class first started thinking about how to promote discussion on the subject of sexual assault, we didn’t know where to start. At first it was tempting to take the standard route and simply give tips to women about how to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Professor calls for moments of silence in honor of fallen officers

By: Mark D. Johns, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
May 14, 2015

Members of the Luther community have been meeting daily at Bentdahl Commons to hold a moment of silence for “victims of police violence.” It is certainly proper to call attention to incidents in which police have acted improperly and to call for an end to racism in all forms, especially in official agencies. These moments are being held through May 14.

Student seeks better campus aid for Nepal

By: Anna DeHerder,
May 14, 2015

The Nepal earthquake wouldn’t mean much to me if it weren’t for my friend who’s from Nepal. It’s a hard truth, but if a disaster happened in a country I had never heard of, I would probably give it a moment of sympathy then think about my summer plans or what’s for dinner. I can’t do that this time.

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