Decorah night life series, part one: Live Music

By: Caitlin Steinberg, Staff Writer
October 14, 2010

Luther is known for its music program, but musical talent isn’t limited to Jenson and the CFL. Each weekend in Decorah, a number of musical acts play on stages and in bars throughout the downtown area.

Students frequent places like The Americana Grille, Club Pyramid, and The Haymarket to jam with live musicians. Fliers around campus advertise popular music groups both for and by students. Decorah’s population might pale in comparison to most cities, but a variety of musical talent still hits bar floors on weekends.

Student musician, and drummer in the band Anders and the Incident, Kyle Holder (‘12) has been actively involved in music at Luther.

“Live music is always a lot of fun,” Holder said. “As a musician, playing exposes you to a bunch of different people to talk to, play with, and have fun.”

This band is only one of many student bands that perform in Decorah.

“From an audience point of view, [Decorah’s] music scene is great because it provides a lot of different options instead of the same thing every weekend,” Holder said. “You can listen to all sorts of music all the time, from jazz to rock.”

Holder’s band formed last year and has played at Americana and Club Pyramid, drawing a large student crowd each time. Playing both alternative and hard rock, their sets appeal to the different musical tastes of Luther’s students.

Each venue in Decorah provides a unique ambiance. Koreana hosts live jazz each Thursday night, supplying a chic dinner atmosphere. The Haymarket offers a broad spectrum of music, from rock to bluegrass. Americana features alternative live music and Wednesday night karaoke.

Megan Bailey (‘11) has been attending live events since the beginning of her first year.

“Local concerts really are a great chance for people in the community who haven’t seen each other in the week to come and have a great time together,” Bailey said. “Some of my favorite memories have ranged from Wednesday night karaoke at Americana to simply singing and dancing to music everyone knows and can let loose together to.”

Over Homecoming weekend, Americana and The Haymarket was packed with students, local residents and alumni.

Lynette Perry, booking manager at The Haymarket, enjoys bringing fresh sounds to the Decorah night life.

“I travel to multiple music festivals and find talent with my friends there,” Perry said. “I’ve been doing this for five years here and have met numerous different bands and have become really good friends with them.”

Regional bands performed at The Haymarket on Friday and Saturday nights. Audiences got soulful with People Brothers Band and bopped to the electronic beats of Deep Sea Summit.

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